Bet365's 'Cash Out' Offer

Bet365 Sports Betting Offer
  1. Place a bet as normal at Bet365
  2. Click the 'Cash Out' icon if available
  3. Accept/decline early settlement figure

Bet365 'Cash Out' Explained

Bet365 launch 'Cash Out' option on winning bets: As if being a member and betting at one of the best bookies in the business wasn't enough, also offer a 'Cash Out' option!

Bet365's 'Cash Out' essentially allows you to end a winning bet early and bank any profits it may be generating before the outcome of the bet changes for the worse.

Not only does this allow you to stop winning bets in their tracks to take the money and run, it also allows for reduces losses on initial stakes on losing bets too.

Cash Out Markets

At the moment Bet365's 'Cash Out' option is limited to football, tennis and basketball bets but can be used on a wide range of bet types including Singles, Doubles, Trebles, and ACCA's.

To activate the Bet365 'Cash Out' option on a bet simply place a bet as you normally would.

Then, if you decide that you want to end it early and claim any profits that are being generated at that stage of the bet, simply click the 'Cash Out' button at the top right of the Bet365 homepage and you'll be presented with an early settlement figure.

Accept it to end the bet early or decline it to carry on with your bet!

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