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The Best Use of Free Football Bets

Football Betting

Look around and you'll find that there are plenty of online bookies offering a range of free bets, betting offers geared solely towards betting on UK football markets.

There's a couple of ways of making the most of these free bets, you could either go for broke with one bookie and take up an offer of big free bet offers.

The thing to realise is that's exactly what they'd want you to do, i.e. commit your budget to just one online bookie and so reducing the amount of bookies that you bet with - but this also happens to narrows the odds that you have at your disposal.

Of course they'll offer pretty much the same range of sports betting options as any other online bookie but you'll really need as many options to choose from as possible if you're going to get the maximum value out of the free football bets that you claim and place.

Free Football Betting

Lets say you have a £200 betting budget. The best way to tackle it would be to break it up and join a range of bookies with smaller free bets. This obviously gives you the option to flick between online bookies when one is offering better odds for an event than the other.

Your free football betting offers can still be taken advantage of - just separately with each bookie.

By opening multiple accounts, with a deposit of £25 each time, you'll have accounts with eight different bookies and you can therefore check lots more odds for any particular match.

All you've done is deposit with each bookie and received 8 free bets.

It's precisely the type of event like a football player leaving a football team that starts to give the season a bit more spice. Nobody would have seen it coming and if it did happen, it puts one of the favourites for the premiership title much lower down in the eyes of bookies.

This together with, say a footballers injury, all starts to send shockwaves through the football betting world. This also brings the volatility to the market and this benefits punters that like to bet in less stable environments.

It's not quite the case but the more games that get closer to an 'anything can happen' situation can only improve your odds of winning the free football bets that you make.

Free Bet on Football

So spreading your free bets around various bookies is an important step as it will give you more choice as to where you place football bets and will also a better chance of getting the best odds.

Don't forget that when it comes to betting on football, online bookies offer bets on far more than just the outcome of a match, in fact there are literally hundreds.

You can place free bets on who will be the next manager of a team, who you think will be the highest scorer in a match,who'll score the fastest goal in the season and so on. Just remember to fully utilise all the free bets that are currently on offer.