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Asian Handicap Betting & Free Bets

Football Betting

Asian Handicap betting is a great way to bet on football as it takes the draw out of the equation and means you potentially earn more from the free bets for new customers.

Bookies handicap teams based on their form and the stronger team needs to win the game by more goals in order for you to win the Asian Handicap free bets you place.

Asian Handicap betting is an exciting type of football bet, and a great option when using free bets. There’s nothing more frustrating than using a free bet offer and watching a game unfold exactly like you thought it would, and then seeing a late goal turn a victory into a draw.

With normal football bets, you'll lose when you bet on a team and the game ends in a draw. As 25% of all football matches end in draws, it's advisable to use free bet offers on Asian Handicaps to eliminate the possibility of a draw losing you your bet and money.

Asian Handicap Betting

Instead of having the normal three bets for a football match (home, draw and away) Asian Handicap betting uses a goal handicapping method to take the draw out of the equation.

The Handicap is given in terms of goals, or part of a goal start or deficit, that means that one team will be favoured or online bookies will rate the two teams as even favourites.

If bookies offer the two teams as even favourites, you'll get refunded if the game ends in a draw.

Asian Handicap Example #1

Here are a couple of examples of Asian Handicap betting. In the first example, England are playing Brazil. The Asian Handicap line is Brazil -0.5, England +0.5. The number is the Handicap. In this case, Brazil is favoured by the bookie by half a goal.

That means that if a game is drawn, people betting on Brazil would lose. People betting on England would win in the case of a draw. People betting on Brazil only win if Brazil wins.

Asian Handicap Example #2

Another example of a bookies Asian Handicap could be; Brazil -1.0, England +1.0. In this case, If Brazil wins by a single goal, then the match is a push and all bets are refunded.

Brazil has to win by two goals or more for you to win in this scenario. In this situation, if you’ve bet on England you would win your free bet if the game ended in a draw or England victory.

Asian Handicap Free Bet Offers

As well considering having a go at Asian Handicap betting on football, bettors should also keep an eye out for bookies offering special Asian Handicap free bets and betting offers. The best bookies offer these types of free bets to members in the run up to big football matches.

Check out your bookies 'promotions' tab to find out if there are any betting offers that you can use Asian Handicap betting to get better value from the bets you place with them.

Most Asian Handicap free bets require some form of deposit or qualifying bet in order for the actual free bet, bet a voucher or code, to be released by the bookie.

These betting offers and promotions on Asian Handicapping are generally a reward for your loyalty for continuing to bet at an online bookie but can really increase your chances of generating a profit from betting on football matches and tournaments.

Using bookies Asian Handicap free bets also gives you a greater margin of error as your'e essentially betting with the bookies money and not your own!