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Betting On Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Each and every racing day, week in and week out, horses win comfortably at big starting prices. Few of these win by accident and such winners are seldom a shock to their owners and trainers.

The ideal horse racing tip suggests that no horse racing system is yet capable of detecting all such horses, but some systems will at least detect some of them.

Horse Racing Records

If you are conscientious you will keep a brief record of all betting transactions be they a bookies new customer offer or just a normal bet with your own money. This will include the name of each horse, trainer, jockey and race meeting.

Even the distance travelled, amount of prize money and of course, the result. In this way, you cannot fail to realise the perceptible emerging patterns and profit from them.

You will be able to make out for yourself that there are a few rather silly trainers around, who would indeed travel to the ends of the earth with just one horse, with no chance of being placed, and other wise trainers, who'd never do so unless they could win 90% of the time.

A Horses Racing Form

Although 'form' plays no active part in our evaluation, it is worth listing each horse's form on your record sheet. I think you will be truly astonished to find out just how many horses lose three races, win one, lose three, then win another, with complete uniformity.

In other words, once the individual trainer's 'coup pattern' has been discovered, it is likely to mark a 'coup' even when a horse is not a longest traveler.

Even the best online bookies we feature offer this information on their sites. Of course, every individual trainer has his own exceptional method of pulling-off such strikes, and listing each horse's form is the surest, and simplest way of spotting such coups.

Keep your eye out for the best tips at sites like Racing Post etc.

Horse Racing Suggestions

One of the most important horse racing tips is that we must remember that most of our selection are coup horses, running at huge initial prices. Many horses will have purposely lost their last three or four races so that they can 'bump up' the odds.

Therefore, some days our 'best bet' will be each way, on other days straight win, and where one draws the line between each way and straight win is completely a matter of personal liking.

The important point to remember is that after selecting the appropriate Staking Line you must stick to it. After each loser remain on the same stake.

Once you have a winner sum up our total returns to the bank balance and evaluate the amount to the figures to see if we have ample to adjust to another line.