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Making the Most of Free Bets

Free Bets

Most people are sceptical of anything that's alleges itself to be free, involves money and more importantly, anything that happens online. As a result we initially thought that all of the free bets that online bookies offer new account holders would be nothing of the sort.

We couldn't believe that free bets could actually be free and thought that they'd be offered with massive restrictions and small print. So what's the truth behind all of the free bets that bookies offer new members when they first join?

Why Free Bets Exist

The first thing to realise about all these bookie offers is that they are obviously marketing ploy by even the best online bookies to encourage you to join and provide them with future custom.

Unfortunately online bookies want to make some money out of you but that's not to say that you can't win from their initial generosity when you first sign up.

Most free bets require you to deposit some money into a new account with the bookie generally 100% matching that deposit with a free bet code or voucher of the same amount.

A good example is a matched free bet offer which after an initial deposit will see the bookie credit your account with a free bet of equal value. You could then use this free credit to bet on any of the markets that the bookie offers odds on.

Why Bookies Offer Free Bets

The main reason for all this generosity from online bookies is to help encourage you to start betting online and to sway you away from gambling down your local betting shop.

Most online bookies offer free bets as part of a strategy to get you to sign up with them.

Bookies also offer these free bet deals as promotions around specific sporting events to encourage gamblers to use their website over their competitors. Either way the punter wins!

Although quite rare, some bookies free bets restrict the type of bet and the market that you're able bet on but luckily these types of offers are quite rare.

For example, an online bookie might limit you to a bet on an upcoming horse race or only offer free football bets on a specific football match taking place that week.

They generally do this to prevent you from betting on any event that's too far in the future. This means that the online bookie sees the moneyback in their business as soon as possible.

Why 'Free Bet Offers' Exists

Type 'free bet offers' into Google and you'll find plenty of sites showcasing all of the latest free bets on offer. If you've ever tried comparing free bets manually, i.e. going to each online bookie website to see what they're offering, you'll know that it's a time consuming process.

Thats where we come in. We've made it our mission to compare the free bets that UK bookies offer - reducing your searching time and increasing your betting time!

Here at 'Free Bet Offers' we aim to shows you up-to-date information on all of the best bookies and their latest free bets and ongoing betting offers.