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Free Gambling Bets

Free Bets

So you want to gamble but you don't want to shell out any of your hard-earned cash. In short, you want to know how to bet for free. But there's no such thing as free bets. Or is there? Generally gambling works by literally putting money on a hand, number or event.

Most people are under the belief that they won't get anything if they bet for free. After all, doubling or tripling nothing is still nothing. So how do free bets work exactly?

More importantly, how do you get free bets to work in your favour when gambling on various outcomes and sporting events on an online bookies website?

Gambling With Free Bets

Free bets are basically rewards or incentives for new members to join online bookies, casinos or poker sites. New signups are usually given free bets if they signup to a new betting portal.

In land based casinos, you're often offered free casino chips if you purchase tickets to watch shows or spend money in their restaurant or shop. You're then able to use your free chips to try your luck at tables that are not particularly busy.

You might even be required to place a real money bet before you can use your free bets. Even the best bookies offer free bets as incentive for signing up and depositing into a new account.

Other bookies give you free bets after you've wagered a certain amount of money on real bets. This is the case with the Betfred free bet offer for new customers, which in the past, was actually released in five separate instalments.

Free bets appear as credits in your betting account, which you can use whenever you want.

As a rule online bookies insist that all free bets can only be used for betting and can only be withdrawn a winnings. To further comlicate matters when using free bets, some have to be used within a specific time period or they disappear from your betting balance.

Best Things in Life Are Free Bets!

Online bookies don't give away free bets for no reason. As with every business, they aren't likely to hand out free bets if they don't gain anything in return. For the wise gambler though, fully utilising free bets when gambling can be very profitable.

After all, when betting on a sporting event, playing poker, blackjack or any other game, free bets are still real bets. This means that you can still win money from them, sometimes doubling or even tripling the money you shelled out to get the free bet in the first place.

As the name suggests, free bets are bets that bookies let you place for free. It's no different from getting a gift voucher from a high street chain to use on your next purchase.

As long as used wisely, it's perfectly possible to get one over the online bookies.

Just remember, as soon as a free bet gets credited to your betting account, you've basically got a green light to bet for free - just make sure that you do before they expire!