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Dog Racing Free Bets & Offers

Greyhound Racing

If you’re looking for a good way to potentially make money betting at online bookies, you may want to consider betting on dog racing. There are lots of dog racing events every week of the year in the UK, giving punters am ple opportunities to use bookies free bets.

Bookies odds on dog racing events are often better than the odds bookies offer on horse racing, giving you a great chance to make money using dog racing free bets and offers.

Although do racing odds are more favourable, a great deal of work still has to go into dog racing betting, especially if you want to be successful.

If you research past races, injury histories, and winners of previous greyhound racing events, you’ll have a great chance to beat the bookies and turn their dog racing free bets into cash!

Types Of Dog Racing Bets

Common bet types that you can use free bets on when betting on dog racing include:

  • SINGLE BET - Use a dog racing free bet to bet on a particular dog to win a race.
  • PLACE BET - Free bets are used to bet that a particular dog will finish in a certain position.
  • SHOW BET - Free bets are successful if the dog you choose finishes in the top three.
  • ACROSS THE BOARD BET - Use a free bet offer to bet on your dog in the win, place, and show categories. If the dog wins, you collect on all three. If it comes second, you get the place and show bets. If it comes third, you just get the show bet but still profit from your free bet offer.
  • COMBO BET - Combo's are much harder dog racing bets to win but bookies offer better odds on these bets as you need to pick two to four dogs to finish in a correctly chosen order.
  • REVERSE FORECAST BET - You can place a dog racing free bet on two dogs, with the bet saying that they will finish first and second, irrespective of which dog wins you still collect on this dog racing bet.

When you’re using free bet offers on dog racing events, it’s important to keep some key things in mind. You need to have information about the dogs competing in the race. Being informed gives you the best chance of the dog racing free bets and offers that you place.

Dogs also tend to go through peaks and troughs in their performance levels. If you've the ability to spot a dog that is in form, you will greatly enhance your chances of winning free bets.

Using Free Bets on Dog Racing

Using free bet offers to bet on dog races is great fun, but you'll not win without the right research and analysis. By collecting information from past races, for each dog involved, you give yourself a better chance of success.

As previously mentioned bookies offer favourable odds on some dog racing events, but it’s up to you to pick the best offer. Dog racing free bets can add more excitement to betting on dog racing especially if they're successful.

Before placing a bet on a dog racing event, make sure you take a look at every bookies weekly dog racing offers and new member fee bets. Once you've found the best online bookies for your style of betting, research the dog race you plan to free bet on and get winning!