Bet365 Extra Time Rugby Bonus

Bet365 Rugby Extra Time Bonus
  1. Place a bet on Rugby at Bet365
  2. If your bet is losing at full-time
  3. Get another chance to win in extra time!

Bet365's Rugby Betting Offer

To use Bet365’s 'Extra Time Bonus' betting offer on rugby, simply visit, log-in to your account and then place a bet on any Rugby match that Bet365 offer odds on.

Then, should the match go into extra time and your bet wasn't settled as a winner at the end of normal time, Bet365 offer to keep your bet open for extra time and settle it on the final result.

So if your bet would have lost at the end of normal time, Bet365 offer you an extra chance to win your bet! This is a great bonus for anyone betting on Rugby at Bet365.

Bet365’s ruby betting offer applies to pre-match bets where matched go into extra time in all forms of knockout Rugby. Unfortunately In-Play bets and games that end at half-time do not qualify for inclusion in Bet365’s 'Extra Time Bonus' on rugby offer.

Terms and conditions apply to Bet365’s 'Extra Time Bonus' rugby betting offer, see the promotions section on Bet365’s website for further information.

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